Just to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on. We’ve seen just in the past few days some sweeping changes have been made and mandated by various local, state and federal governments. We are treading cautiously and not trying to jump to any immediate conclusions and make rash decisions.

With that being said we are waiting. We plan to make a final decision in the beginning of April as to whether we will keep going or postpone the event until next year.

We have evaluated future dates and we are unable to find one that we believe would work. It’s unfortunate and we’ve weathered quite a few storms in the past 5 years of this event, but we feel this one may win out and might be out of our control.

We have talked with the hotel and reviewed our contract with the hotel and we do have free cancellation for the rooms up to 72 hours prior to arrival. An April cancellation will allow everyone enough time to make changes if need be.

100% of all registration and merchandise fees that have will be refunded if we make the decision to cancel.