We will begin using the rally app, Joinr, for our cruises.  This app allows for us to add Waypoints, communicate with members via a chat function and see your location if you share it.  This is useful if we need to “find” you or for you to find us. 

Download Instructions

Download JoinR app using links to left for your respective platform.

Create an account.

Once you are confirmed for the Stampede you will be emailed your special invitation code. 


Group View

Once you have joined the group this is what you will see. 

Waypoints are locations on a map that we have added.  Use these if you need navigational help. 

Gallery lets you upload images you take. 

Chat allows you to text chat with other members in the group.

Track!  This button starts tracking you via GPS.  You will now be visible to other group members only.  If you wish to stop tracking, tap the “STOP” button when it is displayed. 


Map View

This is the map view.  The blue dot is you.  The red dots are waypoints.  You will see others on the map when they share their location. 

To return to the previous Group menu, tap the ^ in the top left corner.

Group View

Group View